Best Pet Society Money Than You Can Ever Spend

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The inquiry is, how might you make bunches of money in this pet-happy virtual world?

1. Being Friendly Pays Off

One easy, if the repetitive, way to make yourself large amounts of Pet Society money is to visit companions. Essentially walk into their home, make a quip, at that point leave. At that point basically walk right back in and immediately make the wisecrack again (good thing there is definitely not a live individual in that house – imagine hearing the same joke multiple times!) This will net you 5 paw points every time you visit and make a quip, and there is no restriction to how frequently you can race in and out of their homes.

As a little something extra, this will get you the Vizier of Visits Trophy for making 50 companion visits, and after 300 visits, you’ll be awarded the Social Whirlwind Trophy.

2. Help Your Pet, Help Yourself

Another way to make some easy money is by buying nourishment. The cheapest nourishment just costs you five coins, however, gets you one paw point. This is the best deal in the game. Normally, you’d pay 50 coins for each paw point on anything else.

3. Off To The Races…

You can also rack up some genuine Pet Society money by winning Stadium Races. You’ll get 30 coins for every win, and can enter up to 10 races for each day. A way to win races all the more regularly is to start similarly as the starter fellow blinks – don’t wait for the flag.

4. Virtual eBay

The fastest way to increase your coffers of Pet Society money is to just purchase small riddle boxes at the furniture store. At that point return home, open them up, and then exchange them.

* Usually you’ll simply break even.

* Sometimes you’ll get a medium puzzle box inside a small box.

* No matter what, you’ll get 2 paw prints for each container you purchase.

When you exchange them all, you can simply go right back to the furniture shop and do it all over again, as many occasions as you want.

You’ll also get the Mall Rat Trophy once you burn through 3000 coins, trailed by the Big Spender Trophy for spending 1,0000 coins. This will possibly work on the off chance that you purchase the small puzzle boxes since they’ll sell for 50 coins and a portion of the things found inside them sell for 66 coins.


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